by The New Hot Times

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Two more songs from the New Hot Times' upcoming demo recording


released August 14, 2015

The New Hot Times are: William MacNeil, John Fulmer, André Legault, Shawn Sampson and Dustin Clarke

All songs written by William MacNeil

Songs recorded and mixed by Dustin Clarke



all rights reserved


The New Hot Times Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Modern Age
I don't wanna side with the modern age
I don't wanna fight in the war we're fighting
They tell me it's alright, tell me I'm OK
but I can see the flaw in the modern system
You don't know you're tied to a ball and chain
but they could take your life at a moment's notice
Why do we survive like this day to day
for money?

I'm going out of my head
I think I have a disease
Someone tell me I'm wrong
Oh, baby please. No. Stop.

We keep multiplying even more each day
I'm super terrified by the rate we're growing
How can we deny that we've gone astray?
And why do we rely on this modern system?
Maybe I'm alright, maybe I'm OK
but I don't wanna die in this war we're fighting
Everybody lies in the modern age
for money.

I'm going out of my head
and falling down on my knees
I might be losing my edge
coming apart at the seams
I'm alive,
but I don't know for how long
Someone take me away
Somebody sing me a song

I'm going out of my mind
and no one knows what I mean
Someone take me away please
I'm alive,
but I don't know for how long
Will someone take me away now?
Will someone sing me a song?